What Does A Mercedes Control Arm Have To Do With Reading Spanish

What Does A Mercedes Control Arm Have To Do With Reading Spanish

Hi, it’s Al,

I was working on my Mercedes 280E recently, changing the upper control arm and also doing a routine oil and filter change. It dawned on me that the Spanish Language
and my Mercedes have quite a bit in common.

For starters, Mercedes is a Spanish name given to many girls in Spain and Latin America.

Then, when I was installing the upper control arm, I was using Permatex® GEL TWIST™ Medium Strength Threadlocker BLUE Gel on some of the bolts, I noticed that on the packaging, some of it was in Spanish. I have used the Threadlocker BLUE Gel on many other applications with no problems so far. Working on older cars, I tend to be a bit more cautious on things like suspension, brakes and other safety items.

When I did the oil change, before putting the thumb plug back in (and if I don’t have a new copper washer available due to living in the bush), I tend to use Permatex® Form-A-Gasket® No. 2 Sealant to prevent any leaks. Again, I noticed that the instructions were in Spanish.

I had a quick look at other Permatex® products I have and the instructions and directions are in Spanish. Obviously, they have an English version, but if an American company like Permatex® is publishing instructions and directions in Spanish, then to me, that means that they consider the Spanish language as important.

So, after replacing a control arm on my Mercedes and doing an oil change, I have come to the realization that Leaning Spanish and being able to Read Spanish is important, even in the automotive industry.

Adios Amigos.
Al Bunzel


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